Bait Makers

If you make custom hand-made/painted hard baits or hand-poured soft baits for freshwater fishing, we'd love to hear from you!

We're always interested in new and unique shapes and styles that keep fish guessing.

How it works:
Our process is the same as most brick and mortar tackle shops. We start small to see what sells, typically having a few bags of each bait style custom poured for us in a few colors. We purchase custom baits for $1-2 less per hard bait or per-bag than what you sell them for at retail price or what they sell for in shops.

Our profit margin after costs and taxes is between 50 cents and $1 for every sale we make, with most of the money staying in the bait maker's pocket. This is our hobby business and is more about our love for fishing, trying out new baits and helping local anglers as well as local fishing communities than about making money.

We're located in Southern California and are based out of Castaic Lake.

To reach us, please email us with links to where we can see your baits at . You can also hit us up directly via Facebook or Instagram.