Pro Team

Are you an avid recreational or professional angler who supports independent custom bait makers and likes using custom baits? Join our team, help represent the cause and help small bait makers get their high performance baits out of their garages and into the hands of more anglers.


Free pro-quality gear: Rock premium big-brand quality Bait Merchant fishing shirts, hoodies, t-shirts, hats, and gaiters, including co-branding of your fishing shirts with your name/Youtube channel or bait brand name.

Premium tackle and custom baits: Your own supply of Bait Merchant Tunsgten weights, tungsten jig heads, hooks, and custom baits.

Gas allowance: Assistance with fuel for travel to tournaments.

An ever-growing family of anglers behind you: The Bait Merchant mission is one of help and camaraderie among anglers who support the little guys who love to fish and make creative baits that catch more fish. 


Represent: Wear your branded gear when on the water as long as weather permits.

Be an advocate of the brand: Raise awareness and be an advocate of the cause behind the brand - supporting local anglers who make their own fishing tackle.

Be a good sportsman: Be friendly and helpful to others, whether it's helping someone struggling to launch or trailer their boat, or giving local tips and free bait samples to anglers fishing from boat or shore or to those who look like they can use some help.

Use Bait Merchant baits as often as possible: Whenever it matches your fishing style and location, use baits from Bait Merchant and its bait maker brands.

Help with performance: Test out new baits and help come up with new custom styles and new color combinations.

Help promote the brand: Post your fishing pics, videos, tips, bait reviews, etc. on your social media accounts and Bait Merchant channels and help others find us and the great small bait brands we represent.

To inquire, please email me at