Soft Swimbait Bundle

Soft Swimbait Bundle

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24 Baits, 8 Jig Heads w/ Plano Box


Get your crazy tail swim action on with this multi-color custom seasonal bait assortment from Socal bait maker FSH'M. This is THE ULTIMATE bundle!

It includes 3 different soft swimbait styles ranging from 2" - 3.8" in several colors for a total of 24 hand-poured baits in a clear Plano storage box.

If that's not enough, this pack also includes 8 different custom hand poured swim jig heads in multiple hook sizes, styles, colors and weights to match the baits.

Drop Shot:
  • Drop/Split Shot/Worm Hooks
  • Dropshot Swivel Hooks
  • Black Drop Shot Weights
  • Plain Drop Shot Weights

  • Swimbait:
  • Alabama Rig/Umbrella Rig
  • Tungsten Round Jig Heads
  • Tungsten Ned Heads
  • Stand-Up Jig Heads
  • Weighted Hooks

  • Jigs, Spinners/Buzzbaits:
  • Weedless Jig Bundle
  • Chopper Swim Jig
  • Underdawg Swim Jig
  • Buzzsaw
  • Delta Hammerhead
  • Double Hammer Buzzbait

  • Alabama Rig/Umbrella Rig