Bearpaws Baits

Bearpaws Baits is an East coast custom bait maker out of Walden NY. Bait maker John Olsen Jr brings a multi-decade history of proven performance custom baits sought after by top notched pros, and tournament anglers in 48 states, Canada, South Africa, the Netherlands, Scotland, England and Puerto Rico.

Bearpaws hand poured baits have superior floatation along with soft texture that gives each bait a lifelike action. Along with the proven success of his baits, John prides himself on being one of only three companies to have the Megastrike formula enhancing his baits and one of the first to do so.

Their baits can be spotted on the boat decks of Bassmasters, Everstart, FLW and BFL anglers along with other tournament anglers across the nation and world.There has been 23 different species caught with Bearpaw Baits that we know about, from Freshwater and saltwater alike including a personal best 2003 state record pickerel on a Hippie stick.

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